Social Networking for Internet Marketeers and online money earners.

Social Network

At the heart of Tabzi is a social network. Social networking is the future of everything on the internet and we've designed something very special for you to share your websites, share your links and share your ideas.

We also give you the option to connect direct to Twitter which allows you to build your followers.

10 ways to get paid

With 10 ways to get paid, there is something for everyone. Whether you refer other members, win competitions or win our lotto there are lots of ways to earn money.

To find out more click the "Earn money" tab at the top of the page.

Search engine style ads

Every member of Tabzi can take advantage of our FREE advertising. We offer several options for you, one of those options is search engine style ads. Imagine creating your own ads just like you see on Google totaly FREE!

Banner advertising

Images often say far more than a the written word, so we've included FREE banner advertising for every member.

Targetted ads

Targetted advertising improves the effectiveness of all your advertising, so we include that for FREE as well!

Traffic exchange

Swap your websites with other members. Check out what they are advertising, and they'll check out what you are doing!

Share ideas

We have some powerful tools that let you share your ideas, see other people's ideas allowing everyone to make more money.

Build followers

Twitter have proved that building followers is a very powerful way to advertise. We've improved on what they do and tailored it just for you!

Joining Tabzi is easy.

Simply enter your first and last name, your email address and a password below.

  • (We recommend you use a Gmail (Google mail) email address as they are the most reliable email service)